American Payroll Association


If you seek excellence in payroll education, publications, and training, the American Payroll Association (APA) is your destination. Considered the leader in the US in its field, APA has since 1982 worked on increasing the skill level of payroll professionals through the right knowledge and a supportive peer community. In the present day, APA offers highly-rated payroll conferences and seminars, several comprehensive resource texts, and certifications recognized and respected by the industry. Membership of APA is valued as a common commitment toward an improved work life for every payroll professional. Members receive not only education but also APA support in obtaining recognition for their work amid modern business and legislation. With a member base of more than 20,000, APA is the collective voice of the industry in Washington, DC and across the US.

General Information

  • Founded


  • Headquarter

    Texas, United States

  • Certification Offered

    FPC, CPP

  • Eligibility

    Completion of specified APA courses with relevant experience in payroll depending on certification

  • Presence


  • Training Methods

    Self-study/training outfit

  • Focused Program


  • Course Fee Range


  • Validity

    3-5 Years