Why Certification?

  • What does an HR Certification mean for my career?

    HR Certifications is a bespoke vision for HR professionals’ career, sustainability and ensures continuous growth in all levels of management, that professional are equipped with the necessary skills to tackle problems presented to them.

  • Why is an HR Certification important for me?

    Winston Churchill’s essay “Fifty Years Hence” was a true illumination of the generation that spoke about exponential progress and to extrapolate it into the future. HR Professionals needs to tap into this source and equipped themselves with the needed skills, efficiency and flexibility to grow aggressively and meet the challenge of the industries, to stand apart from the crowd, collectively shape the future and vehemently partake what HR Certification has to offer.

  • What makes an HR Certification stand out?

    Education is merely a tool for students and professionals’ alike. Knowing exactly what you want and pursuing it relentlessly. To be truly aware of the market and its dynamic trends. To be an HR Certified individual is to know your difference, being informed and be recognized of the value you contribute to the organization. To be able to build a brand that generate spontaneous association to your name when the needed skills arise.

  • Do I really need an HR Certification?

    Job demands fluctuates with innovation and advancement in the changing business world. Competition in workplace rise with every passing day and the workforce is getting younger by the second. The ability to see what could be and honing your skills for the possibility of the future has become a necessity. HR Certifications helps you to tap into the resources that are available and amplify your skills to increase value in your career and keep you a step ahead of the game. HR Certification is a Halo of your skills you carry around that attracts recognition and differentiation from among the talent pool.

  • How HR certifications Impact Pay?

    HR certifications do provide HR professionals a boost in pay. According to a report by Payscale, almost every HR certification leads to a pay raise of some sort with increases ranging from 2.9 to 28 percent. However, the amount varies significantly depending on the credential type, work location, industry, and job position.

  • Which industries pay certified HR professionals the most?

    Different industries accord different values to HR credentials. Sectors like healthcare, retail, accommodation, and transportation are the top industries that value these certifications with the highest percentage boosts in pay. While real estate, non-profits, technology, and engineering sectors value HR credentials the least. Here is a tabular representation of different industries valuing these certifications.

What experts have to say about HR Certifications?

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HR Credentials help with career progression

Earning an HR certification positively influences the chances of HR professionals being promoted irrespective of the job role or level. In fact, during the initial career phase, these certifications hold greater value. For each job role, analysis by Payscale shows the percentage of professionals receiving promotions in five years.

Earning a certification in the current scenario matters a lot: 82 percent of HR professionals’ report they have been promoted in the last five years, compared to 68 percent of those who are not certified.

The most interesting feature of HR certifications is that even HR directors can expect promotions. A report by Payscale survey shows that there is a 25 percent hike in promotion at this job role level.

HR certifications are gaining value over time

In the current scenario earning a certification has become increasingly valuable to HR professionals considering career acceleration and handsome pay scale.

Analysis by Payscale shows that in 2008, the certified professionals were offered a 17 percent pay boost, which later on increased reaching close to 40 percent in 2016. However, the percentage fluctuated for the next two years. In 2018, professionals with HR certifications witnessed a pay boost of 31.6 percent. The succeeding years have maintained the percentage at over 30 percent of a pay boost. Let us have a look at the graphical representation of the pay boost scale.

What Experts Say?