Human Resources Professionals Association


Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) reaches out to the talented human resources professionals around the world who help take businesses to the next level. It has been a hub for 24,000 professionals who seek world-class training programs for their careers. Its objective is to act above and beyond their status as a regulatory association.

HRPA seeks to reinforce the importance and scope of human resources and its indispensable role in organizational success by providing training as well as instructional material for the advancement and growth of global HR professionals. Moreover, the organization strives to ensure that the industry remains competitive and ethical in its practices through its various endeavors.

General Information

  • Founded


  • Headquarter

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Certification Offered

    CHRP, CHRL, CHRE, Practitioner, Allied Professional

  • Eligibility

    No professional eligibilty to be a
    member, relevant work experience
    required depending on certification

  • Presence


  • Training Methods


  • Focused Program

    Professionalization of HR

  • Course Fee Range

    $333.28 - $469.02

  • Validity