International Association for Human Resources Information Management


The International Association of Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) is a leading HR association helping human resource professionals create a niche since the 1980s. It has earned its due laurels in talent management education and providing a global community of distinguished HR professionals to collaborate with.

The reach and expanse of IHRIM are unparalleled and so are the professional development opportunities that accompany such a certification program. It takes pride in fostering intelligent HR systems, offering effective HR solutions to global talent management challenges, and covering a wide spectrum of knowledge paradigms.

Philanthropy runs parallel to the business activities with its nonprofit organization called Human Resources Information Management (HRIM) foundation which promotes research and provides scholarships and drives innovation in the HR dimension.

General Information

  • Founded


  • Headquarter

    Duluth, Georgia, United States

  • Certification Offered


  • Eligibility

    Any one having interest or working in HR

  • Presence


  • Training Methods


  • Focused Program

    HR information management

  • Course Fee Range

    $295 - $500

  • Validity

    3 Years