Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management



Founded in 1976 with the status of an autonomous entity for Human Resource Management in Malaysia, the Malaysian Institute of Human Resources Management (MIHRM) has trained around 20,000 HR professionals till date.

With its expertise and reach in both public and private sectors, it is considered the foremost professional body promoting HRM as practice. The broad spectrum of public and professional courses, consultation, support and consultation for individuals/organizations make MIHRM one of the most authoritative bodies in the management of Human Resources industry today.

The MHIRM is affiliated with the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM) and World Federation of People Management Association (USA). The institute boasts its 5-star rating and various memberships including Balai Ikhtisas Malaysia, and Jabatan Pembangunan Kementerian Sumber Manusia, to name a few.

MIHRM is a training provider registered with PSMB, with every of its program regarded claimable.

General Information

  • Founded


  • Headquarter

    Selangor, Malaysia

  • Certification Offered
    Certification Offered

    Certified Human Resource Officer
    Certified Human Resource Manager
    Certified Compensation & Benefits Manager
    Certified Industrial Relations Manager
    Certified Training & Development Manager
    Certified Advanced Human Resource Manager
    Certified Human Resource Director
    Certified Corporate Social Responsibility Practitioner
    Certified Talent Development Manager
    Certified Human Resource Consultant

  • Eligibility

    Relevant work experience
    required depending on certification

  • Presence


  • Training Methods
    Training Methods

    Classroom Study

  • Focused Program
    Focused Program

    Human Resource Management

  • Course Fee Range
    Course Fee Range

    $920.17 - $ 1584.40

  • Validity


HR Certifications

"The evolving challenges in HR can yield tremendous opportunities to those with the right HR certification."