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Best HR Certifications for New-Age HR Professionals


As frontline employees, HR professionals are expected to deal with the dynamic changes caused by automation technology or any natural calamity - managing unconventional and sudden changes, implementing an agile recruitment model, and prioritizing employee well-being. All these call for a revisit of the value proposition, a revitalization of skills, and the deployment of design thinking for HR professionals. Opting for one of the best HR certifications can help. Read on…

From remote work to soft skills, AI, the gig economy, and mental well-being—our work world's undergoing a thrilling makeover!

Planning a strong talent strategy is essential to business success in the new economy where HR leaders are expected to play a larger role. As HR professionals get into swift action mode by focusing on re-skilling and equipping the employees, scaling up and multitasking is essential to their HR journey.

Initiatives such as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), learning and development (L&D), revamping of compensation and benefits, support for mental wellness, and accommodating transitions into the global market are becoming the need of the hour.

A Tall Order, Isn’t It?

Moreover, senior HR leaders from Fortune 500 organizations are benchmarking the skills of HR professionals to drive business success.

How To Connect These Dots?

Connecting the dots is easy by upskilling oneself with one or two of the best HR certifications. Certified professionals can become influential leaders by thinking strategically and advancing with confident leadership.

Certification programs help you think critically, manage crisis and talent, and develop skills that will help you grow as a seasoned professional. No matter what phase of your HR career you are at, there are HR certifications designed for your needs. Get introduced to a few here.

Best HR Entry-level Certifications

These certifications are apt for aspiring professionals who want to take a career in human resources.

Understand the HR profession and lead your organization by aligning talent with the business goals.

Talent Management Practitioner (TMP™)

Widely recognized as the most authoritative evidence of one's readiness to be part of frontline Talent Management teams, this certification is meant for individuals studying for a career in HR or working in HR for one or two years. The TMP™ certification re-engineers one’s understanding of the field as a modern HR professional, thus creating a more desirable candidate; ready for the next career jump.

Associate Professional in Human Resources (APHR™)

This certification is the best-fit for entry-level HR professionals. There is no need for any work experience or HR experience to join this certification program as it is a knowledge-based credential. It acts as a perfect head start for college students studying for an HR career.

Best Mid-career Level HR Certifications

Look at these best HR certifications for career advancement.

Advance your HR career by future-proofing your competence to handle the complexities of a changing business landscape.

Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP™)

These days, many HR tasks are becoming either automated, outsourced, or distributed. In other words, HR roles are becoming more specialized. To acquire this special set of skills and stand distinct, STMP™ is very helpful. For mid-career HR professionals aspiring to transition into sought-after Talent Management roles, the certification catalyzes their upward mobility. This certification fully equips one to stand out from their HR peers and highlight their skills by establishing themselves as a leader in Talent Management.

Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

As the name suggests, this certification is for seasoned HR professionals who are looking forward to advancing their careers toward leadership roles. The knowledge gained helps you to demonstrate your accountability for HR department objectives, plan things, understand and gain business acumen, and address issues beyond HR function.

Moving forward, AI has undoubtedly laid its effect on businesses by accelerating the shift toward automation negatively impacting employees. At this juncture, organizations look for seasoned HR candidates with an attitude toward resilience and quick adaptability. As organizations adapt to the evolving work landscape, including changes in DEI recruiting strategies, employee well-being, and the adoption of data-driven decision-making, HR professionals must excel in engaging with candidates from diverse global backgrounds.

A global HR certification would help you embark on a successful HR journey continuously.

Best Global HR Certifications

These global HR certifications would drive your HR job at the global level gracefully.

Excel in leadership roles and high-profile assignments at the global level.

Global Talent Management Leader (GTML™)

Managing diverse talent at the global level requires talent consciousness, cross-functional perspectives, strategic business insights, and more. Designed specifically for senior HR professionals poised to lead the Talent Management/HR function within global organizations, the GTML™ certification stands as the epitome of prestige in the field. This certification comprises a comprehensive set of advanced techniques, frameworks, and tools to drive business growth through Talent Management effectively. A GTML™ credentialed professional is the top pick for positions aimed at enhancing business success and long-term competitiveness by utilizing diverse talent across different cultures and locations.

Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR)

This certification is best recommended for HR professionals working outside the US or with international teams. It is helpful for candidates managing direct and cross-border HR responsibilities for two or more countries. This knowledge enables you to develop HR policies and initiatives supporting the global growth of the organization.

The world is evolving, and HR should too…

It is most important that HR professionals evolve and transform every HR element to meet the new set of organizational needs. Artificial technology is certain to unfold numerous novel working practices. Amid this revolution, the adaptation and success of the organizations depend completely on HR transformation.

It is essential to act now!